Make the impossible a reality. Dr. Scott is an extremely talented chiropractor who is willing to travel.

One session $225

Dr. Scott Reich recognizes each patient as a whole person and structures treatment to the individual. He does this by stressing the fundamental nature of a properly functioning musculoskeletal, immune, and nervous systems to achieve optimal patient health. In addition to treatment, Dr. Reich avidly emphasizes patient education and gives his patients the knowledge, confidence, and tools necessary to take an active role in their recovery and prevention of future injury.

His diverse experience with sports and sports injuries gives him first-hand knowledge of the importance of injury specific treatment plans. He truly feels fortunate to have a career helping people become healthier to enjoy happier, active and pain-free lives. A firm believer in the importance of a natural, holistic approach to patient care, he has performed more than 40,000 adjustments and helped patients return to active lifestyles without drugs or surgery.

Originally from New Jersey, he came to Chicago to attend the National College of Chiropractic after attending Montclair and Trenton State Colleges (B.S., Human Anatomy). In addition to earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he also received an Acupuncture Certification with a focus on musculoskeletal issues.

After graduating in 1990, Dr. Scott chose to remain in the Chicago due to his love of the city and Lake Michigan. While a student and intern, Dr. Scott began racing sailboat regattas. He has participated in 15 Chicago-Mackinac races as well as many other races in Chicago and other North American ports.

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