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Spa Party

Let us create an unforgettable event for your get-together or bridal party with our mini-massages, facials & nails services.

  • professional
  • on-time
  • skilled and caring health professionals
  • well-spoken
  • sanitary practices
  • licensed in the state of Illinois
  • certificate of insurance available
  • immediate, competitive quotes

We will price match any reasonable quote.

Windy City Massage, Inc. will create the perfect spa party for your special gathering. This is a memorable and delightful addition for bridal parties, reunions & work-appreciation events as well as birthday parties, post-sporting and holiday events. We are happy to work with your catering and event planner to interface smoothly with the day's itinerary.

Some possibilities are combinations of mini manicures and pedicures, 20-minute chair-massages, a group yoga class, foot massages, & mini-facials. The photo opportunities are endless for these joyful events. You pick and we will make it happen in style!

Call or email Tanya Bauer at to create a quote for your customized special spa party.

According to the AMTA here are the 25 reasons to get a massage: which five describe your justification?

25 reasons to get a massage

  • 1. Relieve stress
  • 2. Relieve postoperative pain
  • 3. Reduce anxiety
  • 4. Manage low-back pain
  • 5. Help ribromyalgia pain
  • 6. Reduce muscle tension
  • 7. Enhance exercise performance
  • 8. Relieve tension headaches
  • 9. Sleep better
  • 10. Ease symptoms of depression
  • 11. Improve cardiovascular health
  • 12. Decrease pain of osteoarthritis
  • 13. Decrease stress in cancer patients
  • 14. Improve balance in older adults
  • 15. Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain
  • 16. Temper effections of dementia
  • 17. Promote relaxation
  • 18. Lower blood pressure
  • 19. Decrease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • 20. Help chronic neck pain
  • 21. Lower joint replacement pain
  • 22. Increase range of motion
  • 23. Decrease migraine frequency
  • 24. Improve quality of life in hospice care
  • 25. Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

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