Windy City Massage provides high-quality massage and wellness services. With over 25 years of experience and over 200,000 clients served, we aim to make you feel like the best version of yourself!
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"My facial was amazing, I actually fell asleep during it. Which has never happened before. Very relaxed atmosphere. My massage was also outstanding. My manicure and pedicure were very enjoyable as well. My overall spy experience was excellent!"
- Mary F, January 2024

"Daniella's hands felt like a butterfly dancing on my face. Awesome."
- Georganne M, December 2023

"I just finished a massage with Agnes. In the best way possible, it was like having a NASCAR driver show up when I order an Uber. She did so many more things than other masseuses have, she made every second count... high energy, but attentive at all times to make sure she was matching my comfort level. Just a wonderful massage."
- Robert P, December 2023

"Zana was absolutely amazing! I get plenty of massages and this one was by far the best she used the perfect amount of pressure to make it relaxing while also applying lots of pressure to the right spots with out it ever being uncomfortable. I felt like she was reading my mind through the entire massage. GO HERE! There is also a GroupOn so it was a great price!"
- Kelly C, September 2023

"If you're going to book a massage, please do yourself a favor and book with Donna. Her touch is firm and intuitiveshe knew exactly where to spend the time and how much pressure was needed to work out all of my tight, overworked muscles. My treatment was 80mins and it felt like I spent the whole afternoon there. Highly recommend booking a service with her if you're considering a massage at London House. My only complaint is that I live too far away so I can't come regularly."
- Gretchen R, September 2023

"Zana is AMAZING. I've had this back pain for months now with no relief after several different massages and dr visits. I went for a massage with Zana, shared what was wrong and she knew exactly what to do and how to help. Don't get me wrong, it hurt a lot so if you have a low pain tolerance, probably skip it. But it really is worth it and helped so much. Thanks Zana! I'll definitely be back!"
- Sarah K, August 2023


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  • chair massage
  • hotel massage
  • residential massage
  • spa staffing & coverage
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Is your business in need of some balance as well? We work with concierges, hotel management, and other spa services to help your business grow and run smoothly.

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